To become a contributor, please send an email to with the following information and we will put you on our mailing list for future issues:

  • A little bit about yourself.
  • Links to your website, Instagram, Tumblr, or any social media you find to be a good representation of your artistic goals and/or politics.
  • Any existing work that you would like to have published in Metaphorical Fruit.  Submitted work must be in black and white and the content must be thoughtful and inclusive.

Requirements: To submit to Metaphorical Fruit, you must have at some point in your life engaged with a female gender identity.  This could mean anything from identifying as a woman all your life, to being treated as a woman within our society, to a fleeting moment when you felt connected to the female gender.  We approach gender as a social construct and welcome you to contribute whatever your gender identity, as long as  you feel you fit the above criteria.

Submission Guidelines: Once you have confirmed with us that you are contributing to an issue and have finished your piece for that issue, please review our guidelines below before submitting your art.

  • Size: Submission must fit on two zine pages. Each of our pages is about half the size of a sheet of standard printer paper.  If you will need more than two zine pages, you must clear it with us at least a week before the submission is due.  Please be conscientious of this criteria as it heavily affects our formatting and the cost of production for us.  Thank you.
  • Quality:
    • All work must be in black & white.
    • All work should be mindful and inclusive of all lifestyle choices ~~ we really want to avoid propagating hate, hierarchy, or exclusivity.
  • Required Info:
    • Artist Name
    • Title of Artwork
    • Inspirations: A list of reading material, music, artists, etc. that inspired your piece.  We like to include inspirations as a means of spreading cool resources with our readers, so please keep that in mind when you send us yours.  For example, we know thunderstorms can be very inspirational and magical, but it might be easier for a reader to get their paws on the specific music or feminist theory that propelled you to create your art.
  • Optional Info (So we can hype your other projects):
    • Website (artist website, etsy, bandcamp, etc)
    • Contact Info (email, etc)

Compensation: We are not currently able to offer financial compensation to our contributors, though it is something that we are working towards.  As it is, we give away a certain number of copies and keep track of money spent and earned to make sure all profits go back into zine production.  In the meantime, we are making every effort to increase visibility for our contributors and their other projects and provide each contributor with their own free copy of the zine.  We would love to support our contributors in any way that we can and invite your feedback if you have ideas for ways we can do better!

Please don’t be intimidated if you are new to art and don’t yet have examples of your work.  We think it is important to include work from folks with diverse backgrounds and understand that often times those who have not been encouraged to share their stories through art, writing or other mediums have important perspectives that the world should hear.  After all, the subjugation of women’s voices in the art world is the whole reason this zine exists.  So please, if you are on the fence we urge you to submit!