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Metaphorical Fruit Issue #3: Self-care , October 2016

Circulation: 80.  Featuring art by Em Young, Amber Wong, Leah Leinbach, Leah J., Molly Payne, Laura Houlberg, Frances Li and Casey Roby.

The prompt for each issue of Metaphorical Fruit is decided democratically amongst contributors. This issue’s contributors chose to create art about self-care, answering questions like: How do you survive in a world not built for you? What are your strategies for reducing stress? And what sentiments or mantras help you in times of struggle?


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IMG_6066Space & Power

Lil’ Poem by Casey Roby

Published by Metaphorical Fruit July, 2016

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IMG_6023Metaphorical Fruit Issue #2: Transcendence , July 2016

Circulation: 100.  Featuring art by Lauren Moore, Em Young, Jasmine Nyende, Liz Stein, Julieta Cardenas, JJ, Kelsey Gray and Melissa Kagerer.

This issue’s contributors chose to create art surrounding a moment they overcame an insecurity, learned to manage it, or realized the experience was shared.

$7 each ($9 with shipping)

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poster5-finalcopyMetaphorical Fruit Issue #2: Transcendence Poster

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Metaphorical Fruit Issue #1: Love, April 2016

Second Pressing, July 2016

Circulation: 30

Sold Out!



Metaphorical Fruit Issue #1: Love , April 2016

First Pressing Sold Out!

Circulation: 65.  Featuring art by Mariko Yoshino, Laura Daegling, Em Young, Hannon, Willa Goettling and Casey Roby.

This issue’s contributors made art reflecting personal experiences of love that challenge popular Western discourses on love.