Issue #2: Transcendence 

First Pressing: 85


Featuring art by Lauren Moore, Em Young, Jasmine Nyende, Liz Stein, Julieta Cardenas, JJ, Kelsey Gray and Melissa Kagerer.

This issue’s contributors chose to create art surrounding a moment they overcame an insecurity, learned to manage it, or realized the experience was shared.

We hope to sell copies of this issue at select locations in Seattle, WA and New York City, NY.  For now you can purchase it here on our website. Get your copy today!



Issue #1: Love

First Pressing: 65, Second Pressing: 30


Featuring art by Laura Daegling, Em Young, Hannon, Mariko Yoshino, Willa Goettling and Casey Roby.

The prompt for each issue of Metaphorical Fruit is decided democratically amongst contributors. This issue’s contributors chose to create art reflecting personal experiences of love that challenge popular Western discourses on love.

This issue was sold at Elliott Bay Book Company and Cairo on Capitol Hill in Seattle, WA,  and at Reading Frenzy in Portland, OR.  We are still selling copies from our second pressing here on our website. Get your copy today!