Metaphorical Fruit is a zine compiled by Willa Goettling and Casey Roby that publishes art by ~women~ focusing on the experiences and perspectives of ~women~.  Issues are released quarterly, each with a unique theme and set of contributors.  The first issue was released April 1st, 2016.  A new issue is scheduled to be released every January 1st, April 1st, July 1st and October 1st.

*  *  *

The idea for the zine came from a road trip we (Willa and Casey) took at the end of 2015.  After visiting many museums and art galleries in New York City, Philadelphia and Chicago, we felt the dominating presence of male projections of women in Western art history and recognized it as an effect of Western culture’s tendency to rely on the art and writing of men to tell the histories of women.

Metaphorical Fruit was born as a means of upsetting this cultural reflex through publishing art by ~women~ about ~women~. However, our definitions of “women”, “woman” and “womanhood” are rather fluid.  We think using these terms is important for organizing our artist community, but we do not wish to define them so rigidly as to limit the scope of our contributors.  Our contributors largely consist of folks who have at one point or another identified as women, or who have in some perhaps small and fleeting way engaged with the sometimes overwhelming, almost mythical social construction known as the female gender.

If you have questions about becoming a contributor or contributor compensation, please visit our submission page for more info.